Black off the shoulder blouse, red sweater, graphic tee, striped pants by Girls Money Club ~ https://girlsmoneyclub.com/
What do you do?
So this year I am changing my studies to Communications at AUT, and working at Taylor/The Shelter plus doing some side work at Sauce Magazine.
Which people provide you with the greatest style inspiration?
New York street style all in all. But I’m weirdly obsessed with Bella Hadid, Sofia Richie and Kendall Jenner’s style. Just amazing, total street/casual.
What are your favourite three things in your wardrobe as of now?
Boots and high top sneakers, denim, and any coat/jacket

What are three items every chick should have in their wardrobe?
Plain tees, blue jeans, an epic coat.
Favourite brand/designer at the moment?
What was the highlight of 2016 to you and what is one of your goals for 2017?
Definitely moving to Auckland and meeting so many amazing people plus achieving so much in a year with my career in social media and fashion. I learnt so much. My goals for 2017 is to really focus on my studies and pursue my own personal work.
What’s a day in the life of Bella WIlliams like?
At the moment my summer holidays are very very chill, consisting of sleep ins, Netflix, gym, and occasional work haha.
What are your thoughts on sonderingg.com?
I think it’s such an awesome platform displaying young talent in so many different forms. I think its so cool how involved in the industry you already are at such a young age.

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