Clear and glowing – an ideal that is in the grasp of some and desired by many when it comes to skin. I had undergone years of trialling different pills, cleansers, exfoliators, moisturisers, etcetera etcetera…on my mission for this physical appearance goal. And my lengthy mission beginning around the age of 12 has been painting itself as worth it as I am (finally) (no really, it used to be hellish) satisfied with my skin.
So what am I doing
  Isotretinoin (roaccutane)
Isotretinoin makes your sebaceous glands less productive as well as reducing the size of these glands and reducing the inflammation of the acne. It targets the development of spots and reduces the amount of the bacteria named “Propionibacterium acnes”. I’m sure if you have struggled with acne, this is the last resort your dermatologist may have recommended – last resort because the side effects aren’t all that appealing, such as; dry skin, muscle and joint pain, headaches, changes in blood tests (e.g. liver tests), drowsiness. But obviously these side effects differ in strength for each individual. I was fortunate enough to experience the benefits of the drug without undergoing harsh side effects. This pill is the leading reason as to why I have clear skin with the odd spot popping up every now and again and despite the negative comments around it, I never hesitate to suggest it to people.
Manuka Doctor Hydrating Facial Cleanser 
The Manuka Doctor products are absolute gems within the diverse and extensive range of skincare products we see on shelves everywhere. Having highly sensitive skin, I’ve always had to be selective with which cleansers I use on my face. This one leaves your skin feeling insanely refreshed and hydrated, it reduces the oiliness of your skin as well as removing any makeup or impurities. I feel I have to give it a portion of credit for my skin looking so healthy and bright. Just squeeze a tiny amount onto dry hands and apply it to a dry face and then simply rinse it off.
Nivea – Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Cream
Due to the dry skin side effect of roaccutane, keeping skin moisturised is of high importance. Moisturisers aren’t something I am that fussed with, I always change it up. But my current favourite is this one by Nivea, as I find it not only deeply moisturising but also very refreshing – I dislike any skin products that are scented and this one just smells fresh and clean. I always always moisturise my skin, morning and night – just like brushing your teeth, I believe it’s a step not to miss when seeking healthy skin (just like you don’t want to not brush your teeth if you want healthy teeth).
The Manuka Doctor Radiance Serum 
Although this one is not so much an essential, ever since receiving this little bottle of radiance, I commonly put it on after my moisturiser and always apply it before putting on makeup. Although many of its benefits are age defining, I like it as it tightens my skin making me look awake and gives my skin a healthy glow – hence the temptation to put it under foundation or BB cream!

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion
Well I mean you can’t hydrate your face without treating the rest of your skin as well? As I mentioned above about the dry skin factor of roaccutane – it’s not merely limited to the face, it can effect your whole body (legs, arms, the lot). So I moisturise the entirety of my skin morning and night, in particular my legs after shaving keeping those pins smooth and always when I have a fake tan on. Similar to the Nivea moisturiser, this Aveeno lotion is unscented and deeply moisturising but absorbs into your skin quickly avoiding that sticky sitch when putting on jeans.
I avoid wearing foundation or even BB cream day to day because I don’t like the feeling of having something on my skin clogging my pores etc – I used to not leave the house without it but then I got lazy and just decided to let my skin breathe when possible. When I do wear makeup, I go for a BB cream or a light foundation and always – ALWAYS take it off, the Garnier makeup remover wipes are my go to at the moment.
Ugh, I know. You’ve probably heard the benefits of water mentioned enough, but seriously! I drink a lot, a LOT of water every day and it definitely helps in keeping my skin healthy and hydrated.

Obviously, my skin is still carrying imperfections because I am a human being (duh!), but it has drastically improved over the last few years and it is something I get complimented on these days which is insanely flattering for me in knowing what the state of my skin was in the past.

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