You know that feeling when you’re walking down the street and you catch eyes with an attractive stranger and your heart and stomach do that little thing – you know the one, right well that’s the feeling I get whenever I see a photo of Wynn Hamlyns clothing. If you don’t know the name now, you should & you will. I mean, sometimes you see a person or a collection and you just KNOW they’re something exceptional. So how did Wynn’s ready-to-wear clothing collection find itself so deep in my affection?
Fashion Week 2016 is the answer to that one. Taking inspiration from luxurious old fashioned rustic style carpets, Wynn transformed tapestry into something wearable showcasing embellishments such as tassels and cords substituting for belts and accessorising with sunnies, tinted or framed with brown, red or turquoise adding to the overall retro feel to the show. Wynn’s collection proved that fashion potentially never gets old, or what gets ‘old’ will most likely make a bold return. Wynn’s label is described to exhibit a “genuine youthful joy in materiality” and with his “playful approach to textiles, combined with a restrained elegance” Wynns fresh take on womenswear is destined to go places.
Continue reading to learn more & enjoy photos by Sam Lee,

When did you develop an interest for fashion design and how did you start off? 
I was always interested in clothes. I used to search for streetwear brands on eBay when I was 15. I realised I could try making stuff when I wanted to spend time with my Nana. She was sewing and she taught me some things
What do you love most about the creative process of design?
Starting out with an idea or image in your head and then watching it change. It can get better or sometimes not work out.
How do you get stuck creatively?
Comparing yourself to others or watching too closely what others are doing
What inspired your collection shown at fashion week last year?
80’s Interiors. Regal colours and old carpets

What’s been your greatest accomplishment so far?
Solo show at Fashion Week 2016
If you were going to give some pointers to an aspiring designer, what would you suggest? 
Talk to as many people as you can, and keep producing work
Three favourite pieces from your latest collection? 
Eyelet Blazer, Rib Ruffle sweater and Skirt, and carpet bags
What’s your favourite thing about working in New Zealand and the industry here?
All the behind the scenes people.
What do you think of
Its great. So much content and great people on there. Well done

All photos by Sam Lee

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