“Yeah you look nice, God you’re white though” – my mum every time I would leave the house in summer (until now). Sorry my friends, I have fallen into the trap of doing a blog post on fake tanning – but hey I tried to make it a bit funky! So first things first, pale skin is beautiful but I personally love to be tan especially in summer as I probably wouldn’t bother with it in winter because snug as a bug in a rug in my winter wooly’s. So on one humid Auckland day I made the exotic trip to Farmers to buy some Bondi Sands which I picked up in light to medium which is perfect for a subtle bronzing which can be built up, I also purchased a Bondi Sands mitt (would recommend). SO here is a lil bit about how me and my pasty self fake tan:
1. Shower ~ jump into the shower and shave them legs girl, this also exfoliates your skin and then take a loofah and some soap or of similar form and exfoliate your skin everywhere, especially your elbows, knees, wrists and ankles.
2. Wait ~ I will either wait a good 3+ hours before I put on fake tan, sometimes I won’t do it till the next day because you don’t want your pores to be all open to absorb the tan because that ain’t gonna look pretty.
3. Moisturise ~ Would recommend moisturising areas of your body such as your elbows, knees, wrists and ankles just to ensure the tan goes on smoothly in areas such as these but don’t put on moisturiser of deodorant anywhere else (made this mistake) (please don’t put deodorant on).
4. Clothing choice ~ would avoid wearing any underwear/bikini’s whilst applying fake tan that aren’t black because when you rub it in you’re gonna get it everywhere – you may think you’re all that and way too smart to do that, but you just WAIT. I go for a black strapless bra and black underwear, a thong would also be good because I always forget about my bum, it’s a great look.
5. The tanning ~ we have reached the most important part friends! SO how intense you want your tan will influence how many pumps of tan you apply to the mitt and your body, I do two pumps for each arm, two pumps for my stomach, one for my chest & neck, two for each thigh, two for each calf and then one and a bit for my lower back and one and a bit for my upper back. This amount makes me noticeably bronzed whilst looking natural enough that I don’t need to wear foundation on my face, it also doesn’t go patchy. I then leave the tan on for 3+ hours before having a shower to rinse off the excess which is essential.
A SOPH HOW TO (I’m really lame)) 

Tanning can be looked down upon but that is something I have never understood, you’re not getting plastic surgery or anything life altering you’re simply tanning without the sun which if you think about it – does far more good then bad. If you wanna be tan, tan if you don’t then don’t.
Photography / Lucia Doak
Black bikini by Piha Swimwear
Yellow one piece and red two piece by Emma Ford

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