The way in which a camera presents a galaxy of endless opportunity in which one can catch every curve, every eyelash, every part of the lips every soul catching smile is what has forever drawn me to the art of photography. Nearing the end of 2016 I found myself lost in the dark corners of taking photos to impress other people rather than to impress myself, it resulted in a complete loss of passion and all sense of enjoyment I had developed from taking photos. So I stopped, and took some time away to reevaluate and re-find that spark that inspired me to start shooting back in the beginning – something that awoke yesterday afternoon upon shooting one of my friends, Olive. One of the most beautiful souls I have come to know, it made me smile to capture her exceptional beauty from her lovely tanned skin to her new haircut she loves to her lashes to her collar bones and that kind of smile that makes you smile. I named this shoot Freedom! ’90 to not only honour the legend that was (and is) George Michael, but as I believe upon forgetting why you do what you do, it is important to take a step back, think a lot, free yourself of everyone else’s expectations and opinions and do it for you before anyone else – and also we both laughed and danced so much through this shoot the song title seemed to be fitting.

Photographer / Sophia Doak

Model / Olive Easton


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