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Adam Bryce is one of those people that you just want to know – and I feel very privileged to do so. I met Adam at the beginning of the year, quite the fan of his work I flicked him an email, It was a hey your cool  & I relly want to learn about your work kinda shin dig. Emailing back and forth instead of meeting is something I would discourage. I had always admired Adam’s work but after learning all the ins & outs of his career from how he began to who he’s worked with and the places he’s been (of course this was mixed in with all other things one could talk about because talking solidly about photography and the industry for an hour and a half would be tedious) , he gained my upmost admiration and respect. HEY not only is he insanely talented as a photographer and creative, but he’s also one of the coolest and most considerate people you could meet (he brought me a brownie this one time & constantly tolerates me & sheds his top quality advice). Similar to me, Adam’s career began at a young age so he gets it and holds a lot of respect for young creatives such as myself and has never discouraged me from attempting anything in the creative world because of my age. To learn where he came from, beginning at such a young age and the amount of time, creative thought and dedication Adam has put in, and continues to put into everything he did and does, is definitely Soph blog post worthy. Adam has worked with piles upon piles of New Zealand brands and publications – and a whole lot of international ones too, the man flies out to Sydney every second day (one of my favorite places) AND has met my boy crush (Jordan Barrett). Adam captures people in a very raw and unique way and his style has become easily distinguished and highly regarded by many, upon admiring and viewing the work of many photographers from all over the world, Adam’s remains to be some of my favorite.
So, Adam was a total nightmare and would not stop pestering me about sending him questions through so I didn’t really have a choice in this (kidding-ish), but it’s a pretty cool little interview & is pretty funky to shed light on one of my most talented pals, so have a read.
What inspired you to get into the industry?
I always wanted to work in this industry. I remember reading Vogue when I was about 10, I became obsessed with magazines, like Vogue, Purple, The face, i-D. I have a pretty obsessive personality and it was evident even back then. I used to draw clothes at home, spend all my time thinking about how things could look together, just obsessing over fashion.
Who would you say are your favourite photographers?
This is tough because I like to be very aware of whats going on at any time and moment, my favourite photographer is definitely David Sims, but I don’t really look to his work in terms of reference for my own. Currently, I love what Zoe Ghertner, Tyrone Lebon, Charlotte Wales, Harley Weir and Jamie Hawkesworth do.
Describe your photography style in 3 words?
Minimalist, raw, clean.

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What are the 3 coolest things you have done in your career so far?
WOW. Big question. before I was a photographer, i was a creative director and I was able to work with some really big brands on some big projects, they always seemed really impressive, but I don’t know if I look back at them much now. Likewise with slamxhype that I started, and The New Order Magazine. I founded both and they have gone on to be very successful, I just don’t really think about them much anymore. I don’t even read them anymore tbh. I know this doesnt answer the question, but I’m just really happy to be shooting now and not doing other work, and developing every day. I’ve shot a few big campaigns, but they’re not always the coolest thing I’ve done. The cool things are when I get to work with people I admire and we have creative freedom.
What happens in a typical day for Adam Bryce?
I wake up really early, always have, check emails, check social media, do any urgent editing etc. Then I spend some time with my son, take him to daycare and then go to the studio. If I’m shooting, then we shoot all day and then I come home, play with axel and then start editing again when he goes to bed.
Who are your favourite NZ models?
Emma Champtaloup, Sophia Frankish.
What tips would you give to people aspiring to do what you do?
Shoot everyday, find your own style and develop this into something recognisable, work hard! Don’t pretend to work hard, work so hard you’re exhausted when you come home every day. Research and be aware of what’s going on, don’t be afraid to geek out.

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What would be your ideal burger?
I love burgers! But tbh I just want a really good cheese burger, nothing fancy!
Which international place do you really want to shoot at?
I’ve been luckily enough to have shot lots of places. It’s a tough question, I don’t really think often about where I want to shoot, more what I want to shoot, or who, and how.
What are your thoughts on
I love it. I love when anyone young does something, and I love when people don’t talk but do.
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