The up & coming independently owned Australian based brand Arthur Apparel advertises living a lifestyle of ease. The brand focuses on creating high quality, minimalistic garments for the contemporary women that are “easy, versatile and that are so effortless it hurts” giving one the opportunity to layer, mix & match garments to create a wide range of looks. Beginning sewing at a young age, the curator of Arthur Apparel has grown an innovative, fresh & unique company taking inspiration from a range of diverse cultures which I am deeply admirable of. I was going to list just a couple of their items which were at the top of my wish-list but after flicking back onto the website it would not be a small list (everything needs to enter my wardrobe). The world is getting rather messy at the moment – sustainable, minimalistic brands such as Arthur advertising ethical values and placing importance on high quality are a nice breath of fresh air.
learn more about the brand below,

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What is Arthur Apparel all about?
Arthur Apparel is about a lifestyle of ease. We (and by we, I mean I, as we’re currently a one man show) pride ourselves on high quality, minimalistic garments that are easy, versatile and that are so effortless it hurts – garments you can wear alone, layer or mix and match – the ones that look like you have tried, but you know, not too hard.
What motivated the beginning of the brand?
Well, my parents amongst other elders have told me that I was very creative as a child. I loved to dress up and create clothes out of rags, sometimes pillow slips – if you just cut a couple of holes for legs and arms, you have yourself a mighty fine sack dress – but don’t tell grandma…she may now be missing some of her fave bed linen. From here I started sewing, not very well might I add. Sewing led study. Study led to working for the man and then that led to working for the woman A.K.A. myself. There’s something very humbling about watching an idea grow, come to life and then be appreciated by a large audience.
Why the name Arthur?
I named my label Arthur in recognition of my late father. He was a practicing Buddhist and had such a beautifully simplistic outlook on life. Happiness was key and (funnily enough) material things were not high on his list of priorities. In a way, this is reflected in my garments. They are minimal, but they are high quality and are handcrafted to last, to be inter-changeable, and to be worn much more than once.
Who/what is currently providing you with your inspiration?
I am most inspired by art as well as diverse cultures. I have become fascinated by Japanese culture, which is somewhat reflected in my current collection. I’m actually traveling to Japan in just over two weeks time. As well as appreciating Japanese culture, I am currently residing in Indonesia and have grown very fond of the different religions and cultural practices present amongst the Islands. The traditional clothing worn to Hindu ceremony is so simple and pure – I find it most inspirational.

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Would you consider launching in New Zealand?
Currently, I have a few stockists throughout Australia, but my main source of sales comes from my online store New Zealand is definitely high on our shipping list, second to Australia. I am always open to new stockists, especially those located in Australia and neighbouring countries.
What are three things every girl should have in her wardrobe at the moment? 
Every girl should have… the Twill Kimono Jacket – because it’s cold AF in Australia and New Zealand RN. They should also have the Wrap Dress in white – because it can double as a tunic/top and is super easy and super cool. Annnnd all girls should have a simple handbag they take with them EVERYWHERE they go. Maybe a handbag of the Arthur variety – something that may or may not be in the works – who knows…
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